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General terms & conditions

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: the Terms) govern your use of our website and our services. As an agreement between you and Raua (hereinafter: the contracting parties) it defines mutual responsibilities and limitations, so make sure you fully understand the meaning and legal effects of the following regulations. Raua reserves the right to modify this Terms and new version takes effect immediately after it is publicated.

By cooperating with Raua, the Client agrees to these Terms, as do his users, employees or any third parties represented by the Client. 

Only written communication (sent by postal services or by email) between the contracting parties will be considered official. 

Services provided by Raua shall be used explicitly by the Client. It is strictly forbidden for the Client to transfer the services provided by Raua to any third party, or to allow copying or modifying of Raua's digital solutions. Raua retains copyright over the material created independently.

Raua's responsibility is proper fulfillment of the task described in the "Project assignment", a document that is considered part of the Contract signed between the Client and Raua. The "Project assignment" must include all information considered relevant for the fulfillment of the task. Raua is not obligated to provide services that are not covered by descriptions in the beforementioned document. 

Raua cannot be held responsible for any 

The Contract can be terminated by both the Client and Raua, but only in writing. The results of Raua's uncompleted work, provided before the termination of the Contract, are exclusive ownership of Raua.

In the case of force majeure, the contracting parties will not be considered resposible for the delay in providing the contracted services. 

All disputes arising out of this Terms or the Contract will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia. Actions occuring with the application of this Terms or the Contract are subject to the Law of the Republic of Croatia.

The last version of General Terms and conditions was publicated on 2 December 2022.