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Express One Slovenia

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expressone.si provides fast and efficient courier services, catering to both local and international delivery needs, with an advanced package tracking system and professional customer support.

  • Fast and efficient courier services for local and international deliveries
  • Reliable partner in the delivery field for both businesses and individuals
  • State-of-the-art package tracking system for real-time monitoring
  • Diverse delivery options tailored to specific needs and budgets
  • Professional customer support available for all inquiries and assistance


We have successfully implemented international cooperation with the Slovenian branch of Austrian Post, one of the most important Slovenian courier service provider in next day guaranteed delivery. As an exclusive member of the European logistic network, that only recently entered the Slovenian market, Express One hired us to develop their website from scratch – together with package tracking solution and other apps specific for the sector of transportation, logistics, supply chain and storage.


Cooperation with Express One is specific regarding that it is a branch of the company with stable international background. As a member of the Austrian Post group, the client required us to follow extremely detailed instructions when creating the company's official website in order to achieve a unified structure and form aligned with the internal regulations of their international consortium. Therefore, while creating an all-in-one package tracking platform, we also had to adhere to exact standards developed according to multi-corporate documents that lay down specifications and procedures in terms of online presentation and public communication. 
We are proud to say that today Express One’s official website offers fast access to customer assistance, both for their private clients and business partners. A functionality for tracking and redirecting of parcels is reachable immediately upon entering the page, which is extremely important for all end users of courier services. The functionality is user-friendly and comprehensible, as a result of many hours of our dedicated work and tireless communication with the client.
Besides shipment tracing component, the website provides accessible key information resources and valuable data feed for end users, such as interactive maps with package drop-off / pick-up points. Also, one of the most important components of the site is secure online payment: we enabled that our client’s customers feel safe while using their credit cards and other payment methods, reducing the chance of fraud, using trusted payment processors and payment gateways.
As Express One strives to provide a superior and innovate delivery experience, we keep track of all the changes they introduce in order to follow the wishes and needs of their customers and future market trends. Our cooperation continues through constant upgrading and updating of the website functionalities and options.