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HAK rent a car

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hak-rentacar.hr offers a wide range of vehicle rentals tailored to different needs and budgets, with flexible rental options and a straightforward reservation process, along with quality-maintained vehicles and professional customer support.

  • Wide range of vehicle rentals available for various needs and budgets
  • Flexible rental options for both short-term and long-term leases
  • Easy vehicle reservation process via the website or phone
  • Quality vehicles regularly maintained and inspected for safety and comfort
  • Professional customer support provides assistance and information throughout the rental process


HAK Rent a car is a Croatian rent a car service owned by The Croatian Automobile Club (Hrvatski Autoklub - HAK). As the main Croatian automobile association, Croatian Automobile Club decided to launch their rent a car service in 2021. and asked for our help in developing an reliable, modern and user-friendly booking platform.


Croatian Automobile Club has a crucial role in national traffic system management, providing several services for more than 227,000 members and all citizens:
- technical assistance to drivers on the road, 
- reporting on traffic and road congestion, 
- administering international and national driving permits to Croatian drivers. 

When they expanded their portfolio with a rent a car service in 2021., they had to make sure that the new booking website keeps the same uncompromising quality as their existing stable services, following their national and international reputation. In order to achieve this, they hired us and together we developed a software solution and reservation system that makes it simple for the end customers to book and pay for vehicle rental. 
As a result, HAK Rent a car has became one of the most visited online platform in Croatia, used by both tourist coming to our beautiful country, but also by the Croatian citizens themselves who recognized the quality of new service of their long-time partner on the road. Behind the booking platform that the end customers see, there is a complex code and a system based on numerous parameters that are visible only to HAK staff and of course – our engineers. When creating such systems, it is always challenging to reconcile two extremes: the simplicity of the display for the users themselves and the entanglement of parameters that must be taken into consideration for the end result of the search engine to be accurate and reliable. 
Our effort paid off, so today all visitors of the HAK Rent a car platform easily access all information about available vehicles, pick up / drop off options, prices etc. Users can access the vehicle reservation by choosing the time and location of the pickup, but they can also first choose the exact model of the desired vehicle and get information about the available rental dates. In addition to that, the platform informs users about long-term rent options, benefits of becoming a HAK member and other relevant details.