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Overseas Express Croatia.

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Overseas Express Croatia

We create everything digital, printable and analytical.

overseas.hr offers reliable and efficient courier delivery services, catering to both domestic and international shipping needs with a seamless tracking system and professional customer support.

  • Efficient courier services for domestic and international deliveries
  • Reliable shipping solutions for businesses and individuals
  • Seamless tracking system to monitor packages in real-time
  • Wide range of delivery options to suit varying needs and budgets
  • Professional customer support for inquiries and assistance


Overseas Express, a member of the Austrian Post Group, is one of the leading shipping companies in Croatia and abroad, specializing in B2B and B2C delivery. More than 200 employees, 300 partners and more than 850 pick-up / drop-off locations are a guarantee of quality and reliable delivery throughout Croatia. Overseas Express hired us for redesign of their official website and development of customized functionality apps.  


According to our client’s needs, we redesigned their website according to the current needs of their users. The site offers separate options and methods of information for private and business users of Overseas services. Special attention was paid to the development of the "Track and trace" functionality, which enables the precise location of the package at any time. On the Track&Trace page, it is possible to track shipments in two ways: 

  1. Via unique shipment number (Primary method of search)
  2. Via reference number (Secondary search method) 


Likewise, we designed the specific online calculator option, so that the price of sending the package could be visible to all interested parties, according to the Overseas Express internal business conditions and numerous parameters that form courier services (such as shipment type, shipping location, type of packaging, weight, etc.).
One of the most challenging elements on the website was designing the functionality for online shipment creation. It is an option on the website that allows users to save time and money at the same time, and the registration functionality has been further elaborated for users who frequently use the Overseas Internet shipping option. Since this option uses a billing system (users can pay online for the courier service), it was extremely important to ensure the maximum security of the payment protocol when creating it. This guarantees Overseas Internet shipping users the security of their data such as IBAN or address.

Given that Overseas Express is continuously expanding the network of its B2B partners, constant improvements to the website are necessary in order to provide users with up-to-date information - such as locations for picking up and sending packages. That is why we are further on available to our client on a daily basis so that we can update the data and constantly develop their website together with all the functionalities that benefit end their users and business partners.